Waterproof Pet Dog Warm Shoes
Waterproof Pet Dog Warm Shoes
Waterproof Pet Dog Warm Shoes

Waterproof Pet Dog Warm Shoes

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Designed for dogs who love to play in the snow!
Keep your dog warm during the harsh winter months and protect his paws on a long walk in the snow with Freaky Warm Dog Booties.


While you are not willing to take your dog on a walk, your anxious friend is going to be ready to go as soon as the snow stops. Freaky Warm Dog Booties protects your dog's paws from getting wet and muddy. Not only that, it also provides protection from abrasions, snow, salt, gravel and even hot surfaces.

Oops! Stop your dog from slipping or sliding all over the slippery surfaces after the snow. These warm booties got you covered.

High Quality
Our warm winter booties are made from high quality 100% Cotton material that is very durable and easy to clean. They come with warm lining protection and modern looking interior and exterior.

Easy to Wear
Due to its high elasticity, it is easy to put the dog's feet in them.  With adjustable strap, you can tighten it up to fit properly.


THIS ONLY FITs SMALL DOGS, NOT LARGE DOGS. Our warm dog booties come in 5 different sizes for your little puppy, you should follow steps to correctly select the size by measuring first the longest toe nail. If the paw size lies in-between two sizes, choose the larger size. 


As every dog owner knows, dogs need protection from cold. An effective set of warm dog booties can give your dog the best protection from getting cold feet and avoid snow accidents.

  • It protects your dog’s paws from the cold.
  • It provides grip while stepping on wet surfaces.
  • It keeps your dog’s paws dry and keeps it away from getting that icky wet paw smell.


Q: How do I know if my dog's shoes are fitted properly?

A: Similar to humans, you can judge the size based on how it feels to take the shoe on and off. If the shoe slips off too easily, it might be too large, but if it's too difficult to put on, it might be too tight. You can also judge the size by looking at your dog's walk. 

Q: What do I do if the front paws are much larger than the back?

A: If your dog's front paws are noticeably larger than the back paws, you may need to buy different sizes for the front and back paws to ensure the perfect fit.

Q: Will these warm dog booties fit my poodle?

A: Yes. These warm dog booties are best fitted for small dogs.  Basically, you need to measure the length of the paw that varies from poodle to poodle.